Do you remember when Irvine was mostly orange groves? So do we. We were here when the Greeter was at Laguna Beach and when they had the fair in San Clemente. We were here before California Adventure and even before the Irvine spectrum.  We have been in orange county a long time and have been buying junk cars in Irvine since before the technological takeover, when the rolling hills and orange trees covered the landscape. Well, Irvine is still a beautiful place with wonderful people and we love doing business here. We are happy to offer you a junk car removal service who pays cash and provides the utmost in customer service. We can come to your vehicles location in Irvine , pay you cash and tow your junk car away at absolutely no cost to you. We are proud to serve Irvine and hope you call us today to get rid of that junk car in irvine.

Cash For Junk Cars Irvine