Do You Price Match?
  • Not only does Junk Cars Orange County price match, in most cases we can beat competing offers. We pay the most Cash possible for all vehicles in any condition in OrangeCounty,California.
Who handles all the transfer paperwork?


  • Junk Cars Orange County makes sure all the paperwork is handled for you! All Vehicleswill be processed through one of our affiliated salvage yards and the title will be held until the car is completely disposed of.
Do you tow the car away for free?

  • Junk Cars Orange County always tows your vehicle away for free within 24 hours of the purchase from you.
do you pay in cash?


  • Junk Cars Orange County only pays in CASH. We understand the stress and worry that comes with a check therefore, we make sure that YOU the seller will only ever be paid in cash.
What kind of cars do you buy?

  • Junk Cars Orange County doesn't just buy just JUNK cars but, we buy ALL vehicles. It can be Wrecked,  USED, or UNWANTED.Running or Non Running. Truck, Van, Car Or SUV.
How Much Do You Pay for junk cars?


  • The price Junk Cars Orange County pays depends on several factors. The FOUR main factors to keep in mind when junking you car are, Year, Make, Model, and Condition of the vehicle.

All the facts you need to know when selling your junk car