keeping It simple


honest  professionals who care

 At Junk Cars Orange County we are proud of the strong reputation among car sellers and buyers alike. We work hard each day to ensure each Customer the same level of honesty, Integrity, and Convenience that we promised from the start. We will take all the measures to ensure you are treated great. Its our job to get you on the road to something new.

Centrally located

Our center of operation is in Mission Viejo, Ca. We are conveniently located in central orange county and will travel up to 50 miles from our location. We can have a truck out to you within one hour in most situations


The process Junk Cars Orange County uses is very simple. First we ask you a few questions about the vehicle. What kind it is. What condition it is in. Where it is located and how much are you looking to get for it. Once we agree on a price, we the arrange the pickup. You just need meet us at the vehicle with title and keys to get paid. We just need a signature and we tow it away on the spot. The vehicle will be processed through one of our local salvage yards, parted and disposed of.

WHY CHOOSE junk cars orange county?


You Have many choices when it comes to selling your junk car. You can always go to the trouble of hauling your clunker to the junk yard or yourself, you can post it on craigslist and wait weeks in hopes of someone to buy it. Each option does have its advantages and disadvantages but, the only choice that will give you the best possible price AND save you valuable time and energy is JUNK CARS ORANGE COUNTY

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